BoundingVolume (Interface)

An interface defining common operations for bounding volumes (i.e. BoundingSphere, AxisAlignedBoundingBox, OrientedBoundingBox).

Global Functions


intersectPlane(plane : Plane) : INTERSECTION

Determines which side of a plane a sphere is located.

  • plane The plane to test against. Returns
  • INTERSECTION.INSIDE if the entire sphere is on the side of the plane the normal is pointing
  • INTERSECTION.OUTSIDE if the entire sphere is on the opposite side
  • INTERSECTION.INTERSECTING if the sphere intersects the plane.

transform(transform : Number[16]) : BoundingSphere

Applies a 4x4 affine transformation matrix to a bounding sphere.

  • transform The transformation matrix to apply to the bounding sphere.

distanceSquaredTo(point) : Number

Computes the estimated distance squared from the closest point on a bounding sphere to a point.

  • point The point


  • The estimated distance squared from the bounding sphere to the point.


This class was ported from Cesium under the Apache 2 License.